“I love the University of Michigan and am grateful for the fantastic academic experiences, professional opportunities, and lifelong friendships I have developed here. However, to love something means to also recognize its shortcomings and strive to make it better. We can and must do better.”
— Sujay Shetty, aMplify President

Specific goals we hope to achieve

Knock down barriers: 

-Re-organize student tuition and fees to provide for more funding for student organizations on campus by increasing the disbursement budgets of groups such as the Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC) and MESA

-Advocate for and facilitate better fiscal and logistical partnerships between club sports teams (Rec Sports) and Varsity teams (athletics). This, along with the increased disbursement budget for SOFC, will lead to membership dues and financial barriers to club sports to be mitigated.

-Support early public release of proposed tuition and fees increases, allowing student government ample time to analyze and respond on behalf of the student body

-Continue and accelerate support for the Leadership Engagement Scholarship and other similar scholarships through increased CSG executive engagement with alumni and donors.

-Push for the “Go Blue Guarantee” to cover expected cost of attendance, not just tuition and fees

-Work more closely with the Office of University Development to aid the development and advancement of scholarship and grant programs for students from disadvantaged or underserved backgrounds and communities

-Leverage alumni connections and form new ones to aid the development and advancement of scholarship and grant programs for students from disadvantaged or underserved backgrounds and communities

-Have student government leadership from all colleges/schools actively engaged in recruiting efforts for prospective students, staff, and faculty from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds and communities.

-Work with the Provost’s Office, School/College Deans, and School/College Student Governments to prevent grade penalties resulting from disabilities and sanction faculty and staff who perpetuate such practices.

-Publish a CSG sponsored document on different Ann Arbor Housing options with ratings assigned to landlords based on affordability, tenant experience, ethics, and other criteria.

-Work closely with SAPAC to develop language for amendments to the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities for this coming Amendment Cycle to increase sanctions by default against individuals found guilty of sexual assault.

-Expand the current availability of feminine hygiene products in bathrooms across campus

-Continue to support advocacy efforts for the protection of Undocumented students

-Advocate for greater transparency regarding University endowment investments to the general student body through the sponsorship of a FOIA

-Work closely with the College of Engineering, Engineering Student Government, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (GEECS) among other potential partners to combat misogyny among students and faculty within Engineering, and to proactively recruit and retain non-male faculty, staff, and students for Engineering

Unite and Empower:

-Create a standing coalition working group called the Council on Student Life- of which affiliates of high-impact student organizations will be encouraged to join including, but not limited to, La Casa, ASA, IASA, CSA, KSA, BSU, IFC, Panhel, NPHC, MGC, PGC, MES, Hillel, and MSA. The chair will be elected by the council itself and will report directly to the President and Vice President.

-Facilitate connections between academic departments and student organizations to abet logistical cost for space (group meetings, practice performances, etc.)    resulting in reduced costs for student groups

-Prioritize SOFC funding for coalition building activities among student organizations

-Provide CSG space and other resources to assist different coalition building activities among student groups starting from the beginning of the school year

-Ensure that various student-run governing bodies (such as LSA Student Government, Residence Halls Association, Rackham Student Government, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Association, National Panhellenic Council, Multicultural Greek Council, etc.) largely have independence over their purview, and have CSG be a resource and ally towards common goals and interests, and for building coalitions and partnerships.

-Voice support and offer action in support of the Graduate Employees’ Organization and for the Lecturer Employees’ Organization

-Continue the push for increased student civic engagement by tabling at Residence Halls and University Academic Buildings several times throughout the year to encouraging voter registration; winning the B1G Voting Challenge will be a high priority.

Build the Future: 

-Assist RHA in efforts towards renovating and/or building new residence halls, expanding dining hall hours, and general advocacy.

-Work with the EECS community, ESG, and CoE faculty to advocate for more funding towards hiring instructors and increasing space for EECS students

-Support student professional groups with logistics, contacts, and/or finances for hosting career-oriented events (career fairs, company information sessions, tech talks, workshops, etc.)

-Work with Rackham Student Government and individual departments to create graduate student oriented career fairs

-Create a sustainable and reliable transportation system to connect students with the Campus Farm

-Inaugurate a physical "hub" on campus that is accessible to students which will house academic programs related to the food and environment with a food pantry which the Campus Farm can contribute to.  The hub should also include kitchen and other space to hold workshops for students.

-Implement a Food & the Environment major in collaboration with relevant departmental units, the Campus Farm community, and the Provost's office

-Advocate for full time staff/faculty focused solely on professional development & recruiting for departments currently without such resources (such as the Economics Department)

-Expand Testing Accommodation spaces to more areas across campus, especially across North Campus and to non-LSA schools and colleges

-Further proliferate Wi-Fi access and ethernet ports across campus, and increase speeds at high traffic locations

-Increase UHS and CAPS visibility through Active Minds and other relevant partners and increase budgets through tuition and fees restructuring

-Advocate for UHS and CAPS to have a more formal partnership with Michigan Medicine

-Advocate for permanent and sufficient space for UHS and CAPS on North Campus

-Open up more unused building space during non-business hours as practice space for student performance groups while concurrently advocating for the addition of permanent and specially equipped practice and performance spaces.


The aMplify party is not endorsed by the groups listed above, but these groups are viewed as potential strategic partners if we were to get elected.


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Our Mission

knock down barriers. Unite and empower. Build the future. amplify your voices.


The aMplify platform has three main pillars: 1) Knock Down Barriers, 2) Unite and Empower, and 3) Build the Future.  We seek to build and develop partnerships to bolster the ability of student leadership to catalyze positive change on this campus.  We recognize that this is a tall order, but our party possesses the experience, open-mindedness, and resolve to make it happen.